4 Tips for Spotless Shower Glass Doors

4 Tips for Spotless Shower Glass Doors in Seattle/Bellevue

Everyone agrees glass shower enclosures with full glass doors are a beautiful and timeless addition to your bathroom.  But how do you keep your shower glass looking spotless year after year? Here are four tips to keep your glass shower door spotless:

  1. Squeegee Shower Glass After Every Shower

One of the simplest ways to prevent water spots and streaks is to take a squeegee to the glass walls and shower door after every use.  This never gives the water a chance to sit long enough to make a mark. Prevention is the best medicine, as they say. Try hanging a small squeegee on a suction cup in the shower to make it easy and convenient. 

  1. Use a Good Glass Cleaner Often

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Chances are you already have a glass cleaner in your cupboard.  However, not all glass cleaners are created equal. Try your glass cleaner in the shower and see if it streaks or if you’re happy with the result. If you’re not satisfied with your glass cleaning solution, look for a natural, streak-free option next time you’re at the supermarket. Clean your shower regularly, weekly or monthly is fine, to prevent the buildup of hard water, fingerprints, soap scum and water spots.

  1. Avoid Harmful Cleaning Products

The bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms of your home. As such, it’s important that it remains a healthy place to be.  Harsh chemicals and cleaning agents can cause health problems over time, which is why we recommend using natural cleaning products whenever possible. You may be surprised how well natural cleaners work on your shower glass.

  1. Try Rain-X on Your Glass Shower Enclosure

Here’s a new one to try. Have you ever used Rain-X on your car windshield? It causes the rainwater that hits your car glass to bead up and roll away. Well, now they have a product for shower glass enclosures and glass shower doors.  The Rain-X shower door water repellant and shower cleaner are a pair of products that complement each other as well as the other cleaning tips in this article.  Try the cleaner for cutting through soap scum, calcium, hard water stains, lime stains and even rust stains. The water-repellent lasts for weeks and prevents the buildup of these unsightly stains.

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